A Simple Guide On How To Meet Women During The Day

It’s funny to me when I hear most of my male friends say they can’t seem to meet enough women. Look around you. They are everywhere. The streets, coffee shops, supermarkets and fitness centres to name a few. Since most guys only meet women in the night club, they have limited their options to only meeting women there.

how to meet women during the day
If you keep doing the same thing, don’t expect to get a different result. My clients realize this from our consultation and are looking to try something different.

How often have you seen an attractive woman as you’re just going about your regular day and wanted to say something? I’m sure you would’ve if you knew how.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Meet Women During The Day

Women don’t want to be put in an awkward position. Make sure to make her feel as comfortable as possible when meeting them during the day time. There are 2 ways to do this: direct and indirect. One approach isn’t necessarily better than the other, it’s what fits the situation best. This is discussed in more detail in my book, Magnetic Dating.

How To Do An Indirect Approach

If you’re a little bit more reserved, then the indirect approach will work well. This is also better in a more crowded environment. How do you do it? Location, location, location. The idea here is to make it as natural as possible. Situate yourself close to her and either make a statement or ask for her opinion. It’s more under the radar and discreet.

How To Do An Direct Approach

If you want to go direct, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, you’ll want her to be isolated and by herself so she doesn’t feel put on the spot. If she’s walking away from you, what you’ll want to do is catch up and approach really close. Not only is this more intimate, you also won’t have to talk very loud because there’s limited distance. This takes a lot of courage and the minute you flinch, game over.

  • Approach her from an angle from behind and get really close.
  • Extend your hand and apply a slight pressure on the insides of her elbow.
  • Plant your feet and watch her turn her body almost parallel to yours.
  • Look her in the eye and wait for a few seconds to say something.
  • Build tension and anticipation of what you’re going to say. Tension is a good thing. You might even catch her giggling uncontrollably.

Here’s the formula: Social Intuition + Compliment + Introduce Yourself

Social Intuition:

Approaching women during the day isn’t something that most men attempt to do. It’s just not the norm and she’s not used to it. Use your social intuition and tell her the reason why you’re approaching her. She has to know why you’re there. If not, she’s going to think you’re asking for change or worse, trying to rob her.

Politely grab her attention with a breaking tonality in your voice as you say “excuse me.”

Now say something along these lines: “I just saw you walking by…” “You caught my eye as I was crossing the street…” “I happened to have seen you earlier…”


How would you feel if a complete stranger comes up to you and gives you a sincere and genuine compliment? Probably pretty good, right? Compared to most men, the majority of women spend a lot of time getting ready. They want to look their absolute best the moment they leave their house. Women want to be noticed so do her a favour and give her what she’s looking for. She clearly caught your eye because there was something about the way she looks.

Do you recognize that feeling in your stomach when you see a woman you’re attracted to? Recognize that and use that to fuel your compliment. It will feel much more genuine and authentic.

Say something like this:

“I just have to say, I think you look absolutely gorgeous today.”
“I’d be kicking myself in the ass if I don’t introduce myself to you, you look adorable.”
“I can’t let you leave without meeting you, I think you look incredibly attractive.”

The majority of the time, she’ll be so shocked and flattered. You had enough balls to come up to her in the middle of the day and say something as bold as that.

During the day, you’ll meet 3 types of women:

1. Women in a relationship
2. Women who are in a rush to go somewhere
3. Women who are single and have time to chat with you

Rejection is an event, not a person. I find women are a lot more honest during the day so if they tell you they have to go or they have a boyfriend, assume that it’s true. Either way, you just made her day so you can feel good about that. Dating is still a numbers game at the end of the day.

Swing enough times and you’re bound to hit home run. If you think about it, you have a 33% chance of getting a date if you approach women during the day. The odds are stacked in your favour. Focus on meeting those women.

Introduce Yourself :

After you’ve demonstrated so much value, now she’ll want to know the man who just swept her off her feet. Extend your hand and introduce yourself. This tells her that you want to have a conversation with her. By her shaking your hand, she has agreed to extend the interaction from the compliment you had given to something a bit more.

Say something like:

“My name is Myke, and you are?”
Follow up with: “So what are you up to today?”

People love talking about themselves so let them. Ask her what she’s up to that day. Listen attentively and remember to have an open body language. Plant your feet firmly and put your arms on your side. Talk with an open-palm gesture and remember to smile.

Listen attentively to what she’s saying. What you’ll want to do at this point is segue-way into one of your preferred conversation topics.

What are they?

Preferred Conversation Topics:

What are things about yourself that you’ll want to convey to women immediately? What are things that you want her to know about you that are interesting and high value? Do you value fitness? How about music? Do you enjoy learning about a specific topic?

Pick three conversation topics that you want to talk about and use them as a framework. This will be your road map to generate genuine attraction. Make a general statement about her appearance or something very obvious and ask her if it’s correct or not. Even if you get it wrong, it’s still much better than bombarding her with one question after the other. Let her talk and ask her if she enjoys it.

Say something like:

“You seem really fit, do you enjoy workout?”
“You look very stylish, you seem creative, are you in marketing by any chance?”
“You have great posture, have you had any dance training growing up?”

These statements lead perfectly to the kind of conversation you want to talk about very rapidly. Pay attention to what she’s saying. She’ll be dropping pebbles of information and it’s your job to pick it up and relate your story to hers. The more you’ll do this, the deeper the connection you’ll create. By getting her to talk about those thing, now she has to relieve how it felt to be in that moment and she’ll associate those positive emotions with you.

What you’ll want to do is actively listen and encourage her to talk more about it. Now it’s time to relate to what she said emotionally by talking about how that activity or topic makes you feel. Describe the emotions in as much detail as you can. What you’re doing at this point is qualifying her. Since those conversation topics are things you’re interested in, you definitely want to introduce it as early in the conversation as you can. You’re trying to see if there’s any compatibility between the two of you.

The person asking  questions is the one in control of the conversation. If you see a fit for her personality and what you like then go ahead and proceed with the date. Ask her how she feels about going for a drink with you. If she agrees then establish the date right there and then.

Work out the logistics right away. Inquire about her availability the next few days. Once that’s established, hand her your phone and exchange contact information. Give her a hug and go on with your day.

That’s it.

Take Control Of Your Dating Life

In a dating bootcamp, I go over these topics in greater detail and more. For the entire weekend, I take you by the hand and help you implement these ideas in real-time. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to walk up to a girl, engage her confidently and give yourself an opportunity to go on a date with her. If this sounds interesting to you, send me a message and let’s discuss how I can help you.

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