5 Tips On How To Meet Women At Coffee Shops

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and notice an attractive girl you wanted to meet but wasn’t sure how? Do you feel like it’s weird to meet a girl during the day? It’s actually much easier and less scary than you think.

Let me explain.

According to most women, they have a fantasy of being approached by a confident guy as she’s going about her daily business. As if it “just happened” the way it’s depicted in romantic movies.

how to meet women at coffee shops

Unfortunately, that’s not what most guys do. They limit themselves to meeting girls where alcohol is present to compensate for their lack of social skills. I know because I’ve done it myself.

Alcohol puts you in the present moment. Once you’re drunk, you’re inhibition is much lowered and you’re focus on what you want right there and then.

For many years, I’ve done that approach with very little success. Sure I’d get numbers, maybe even get a few make outs at the bar but that’s as far as it went. Not only did I have a few hundred dollars less in my bank account, none of the numbers that I got picked up. Some were not even real.

Fact about females: They don’t want to meet a significant other in a night club

A different process creates a different outcome. Since I wasn’t very happy with the results I was getting, it makes sense to try a different method. Since I love drinking coffee anyway, I wanted to figure out how to meet women at coffee shops. To my surprise, they’re actually a lot more open to it. Not only that, the phone numbers that I got were a lot more solid.

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5 Tips On How To Meet Women At Coffee Shops

Look The Part

As mentioned in my book, Magnetic Dating, people have already decided if they like you or not in as little as 7 seconds. While image isn’t everything, it can’t hurt to put in some effort. What if you’re not particularly tall, built or overly handsome? That’s okay. Focus more on the things you can do something about. Shave your face, brush your teeth, wear deodorant and wear clothes that are clean and well-fitting. To be honest, that’s all you’ll really need.

Allow Her To See You

Whether she’s standing in line to get a cup of coffee or sitting down and reading a book, give her a chance to see you first before you make your move. Approach from an angle within her peripheral vision. That means don’t come from behind. Remember, you’re in a public setting so don’t avoid making her feel uncomfortable.

Make Eye Contact And Smile

It’s takes very little effort to do this but the payoff is huge. Smiling tells her you’re friendly and approachable. Making eye contact conveys confidence and trust worthiness. Doing both of these automatically makes you more attractive.

Don’t Wait Too Long

The longer you wait, the more you’ll talk yourself out of approaching. Your mind will start to come up with a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Don’t over think it. Count to 3 and just go. The faster you get going, the less nervous you’ll be to talk to her. Think of just one reason to get to know her and start walking.

Be Genuine

If you’re comfortable and really grounded with who you are, go ahead and be more straight forward. Do tell her you find her attractive and just had to come over and introduce yourself.

If your personality is a little bit more reserved then you’d be better off making an indirect comment first. It’s more safe and doesn’t give the impression that you’re hitting on her immediately. Which ever approach you do, is irrelevant. What matters most is you actually do it.

Just come in with the intent of seeing if there’s a fit for both of you. If not, that’s okay as well. Understand that rejection is an event, it’s not a person. The more you do it, the more you’ll get better at it.

Take Control Of Your Dating Life

In a dating bootcamp, I go over these topics in greater detail and more. For the entire weekend, I take you by the hand and help you implement these ideas in real-time. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to walk up to a girl, engage her confidently and give yourself an opportunity to go on a date with her. If this sounds interesting to you, send me a message and let’s discuss how I can help you.

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